Built Strong Through Innovation

ST Fastening Systems has 3 fundamental beliefs which guide company behavior and action.


We are a family at ST Fastening Systems, one that fosters an environment of honesty, good stewardship, and a healthy work/life balance. We believe in the character of our employees. ST Fastening Systems employees never run away from a challenge, nor hide from a responsibility. Caring about our employees and our customers is paramount in everything we do.


ST Fastening Systems products are constantly measured and tested from the development stage through production and into the application. Every specification must be met. Our board certified engineering department combines physics, material science, and creativity into the development of each product. Every part of the process is integrated into our quality assurance program. In the end, it is the quality of our products that is the measure of our success.


The founders of ST Fastening Systems envisioned a company where ideas and technology would be advanced into a constant endeavor to produce better and better solutions in the metal building industry. It is this commitment and tenacity that have brought some of the greatest products to the Industry.

Mission Statement

Building Strong Products through Character, Quality, and Innovation.