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Powder coating is another step in ST Fastening Systems’ contribution to environmentally responsible manufacturing procedures. Powder is non polluting to the environment. Unlike solvent based liquid paint, there are no VOC’s to pollute the air. The powder is recyclable so there is little waste in the process. The small amount of waste collected in the clean-up process is non-hazardous and landfill friendly.

The powder coating process at ST Fastening Systems applies a specially prepared powder to the heads and sealing washer of fasteners used in the pre-engineered metal building and wood framed building industries. The powder is formulated & matched to the same color standards as the building manufacturer’s metal panels. This assures an exceptionally high standard of color matching that is not readily attainable using hand matching techniques. The powder is formulated to provide the exceptional corrosion resistance and color retention expected of the painted finish applied to the building panels.

The process of applying the powder finish to the fasteners is unique in the industry. The fasteners are passed through an electrically charged cloud of the colored powder. The powder is attracted to the fasteners that are electrically grounded and is deposited in a uniform and continuous layer on the fastener’s heads and sealing washers.

The final step in the process is to convert the loosely applied powder into a continuous polymer film. This is achieved by passing the fasteners through a curing oven at a carefully controlled temperature for a predetermined time to melt the powder and form a highly adherent film on the fastener. The result is a fully cured film that provides exceptional adhesion and a toughness that allows the fastener to withstand the installation abuse that would otherwise cause damage to conventionally spray painted fasteners.



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The Resulting Benefits to the Customer

√ Exceptional corrosion resistance.

√ Conventionally electroplated and painted fasteners will normally resist the corrosion effects of Kesternich testing for 15- 20 cycles. ST Fastening Systems’s powder finish applied over mechanically plated fasteners easily exceeds 80 Kesternich cycles.

√ST Fastening Systems’ powder finish outperforms the conventional dip-spin applied wet coatings.

√ Excellent color matching to industry standard colors. Colors are formulated at the powder manufacturer to specified industry color standards. Colors are again analyzed at ST Fastening Systems using special color analyzer to assure exact matching to the specified standard color as another step in ST Fastening Systems’s Quality Assurance procedure. This assures reproducibility of colors from one manufacturing lot to another.

√ Superior weathering characteristics.

√ Powder is formulated to provide the color retention, chalk: resistance, and fade resistance expected of the finished building panels.

√ Excellent film hardness. ST Fastening Systems’ powder coated fasteners resist scratches and damage during shipping better than conventionally applied wet paints. The overall toughness and heavier coating thickness of the powder finish provides excellent resistance to the abuses of normal installation.