Ideal for Decking Exterior Wood Projects

Screws Built for Results, Guaranteed for Life™

Frustration Free

Star drive eliminates slipping and stripping

Leaves a Clean Finish

Advanced counter sink chisels eliminates wood splintering. Reinforced neck for strength..

Faster & Easier

Serrated threads allow for less drive torque and longer battery life

Reduces Board Splitting

Fast start drill point requires no pre-drilling.

Exterior Screws

1 LB5 LB1/8 Keg1/4 Keg Corg. 1/4 Keg
8 x 1 1/4”186N/AN/AN/AN/A
8 x 5/8”1477351700N/AN/A
8 x 2”98490150030003000
10 x 2 1/2"79395100019751975
10 x 3"6633080016501650
10 x 3 1/2"5527570014001400

Stainless Steel Exterior Screws

SizeQuantity / Weight
1 LB5 LB1/4 Keg Corg. 1/4 Keg
8 x 5/8”147N/AN/AN/A
8 x 2”98N/A35003500
10 x 2 1/2"79395N/AN/A
10 x 3"66330N/AN/A
Major DiameterMinor DiameterHead DiameterUlt. Tensile StrengthMin. Torsional StrengthUlt. Torsional StrengthNom. Shear Strength
FlatEpoxy CoatedEpoxy CoatedEpoxy CoatedEpoxy Coated
Epoxy Coated Threads
#10.195"/.203".134" MAX.365"/.345"2656LBS.50 IN-LBS.75 IN-LBS.2317 LBS.2241 LBS.
DesignationPressure Treaded Yellow Pine
Embedded Depth1"2"3"
Installation Torque< 35< 35< 35
#10809 avg.1516 avg.1911 avg.

Environment Applications

Wood to Wood Applications

  • Decks
  • Trim
  • Railings
  • Fencings
  • Wood to Wood Projects


4 Layers of Protection

From Sun, Temperature, Rain, Snow, Sap and Chemicals Found in Treated Lumber Exceeds 1,000 hours in salt spray testing

01 Zinc Layer

02 Chemical Adhesion Layer

03 Epoxy Coating

04 Durable Protective Finish

Limited Lifetime Guarantee

Deck Plus® Exterior Screws feature a limited lifetime guarantee against rust and corrosion.
The fastener coating is guaranteed against corrosion in cedar, redwood, and treated wood for the life of the project.

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