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The Superior Performance of the ZXL Die Cast Molded ZAMAC Zinc Aluminum Alloy Corrosion Defense System

ZAMAC alloy was first developed nearly a hundred years ago, it is comprised of high purity zinc which is combined with small percentages of aluminum, magnesium and copper. The elemental mixture of ZAMAC alloy makes it score high in the area of resistance, versatility, and cost-effectiveness.

No Red Rust

The superior atmospheric corrosion defense of ZAMAC alloys is due to the their patina, a protective filmed formed on the surface of the alloy, which is enhanced by the aluminum content of the alloys.

ZXL ZAMAC Die Cast Strength

The ZXL ZAMAC die cast head carries an unique advantage because it combines the characteristics of strength, ductility, impact strength, finishing characteristics and tooling with a high resistance to catastrophic failure.


  • 5/16 ZAMAC Cupped HWH with Encapsulated UV Resistant EPDM Washer
  • No Red Rust – 40 Year Warranty-Copy of the written warranty upon request
  • No Voids. Not a Cap
  • Excellent choice for GALVALUME & other long-life metal roof panels.
  • Excellent Atmospheric and Chemical Corrosion Resistance
  • Outstanding coating adhesion, vibration attenuation, damping capacity and ductility
  • Superb aesthetic appearance
  • Positive Seal at Any Angle
  • Automated and Proprietary Die Cast Molding Process Forms Solid One Piece Fastener
  • Molded in the USA
  • No Distortion
  • Maximum Pull Over Strength
  • Cupped head design protects the washer from UV damage from sun.

Molded Strong in the USA

Molded Strong In The USA

ZXL is the industry’s most corrosive resistant head in the industry . When combined with the exceptionally fade resistant Powderful coating the no red rust ZXL die cast molded integral cupped head has no equal. It’s perfect for long life metal roof panels, and comes with a matching 40-year warranty. ZXL doesn’t have a capped head. A cap head contains voids where corrosion can start. There are no voids on a ZXL, because it is manufactured in an automated and proprietary die-cast molding process which forms a solid one-piece fastener. ZXL is the only ZAMAC molded head MADE IN THE USA and guaranteed not to RED RUST.

ST Advantage.. Value Added Innovation

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We manufacture fasteners that give our customers a competitive advantage over the competition through innovation.Test results prove that ZXL’s unique features add years of durability over the industries top metal building fasteners. To bear the ST Advantage seal the fastener must have multiple unique technologies that give the fastener a clear competitive edge. The building investment retains its value when installed with ZXL Steelbinder fasteners longer than traditional carbon steelbinder fasteners, which will not last the life of the metal panel.

Protects the Fastener and the Environment

The Power of Powder

ST Fastening Systems’s innovative powder coating is both friendly to the environment and resistant to the environment. The powder releases no harmful VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) into the atmosphere as does solvent based wet paint. There is minimal waste in the process, as the powder is completely recyclable. Any waste generated is non-hazardous & landfill friendly. The corrosion resistance of powder surpasses that of wet paint processes by a wide margin as detailed in the bar graph to the right. Mechanical plated zinc & wet painted screws will withstand 25-30 cycles in the harsh Kesternich Corrosion Chamber.

One cycle is 8 hours in the corrosion chamber & 16 hours outside it. Powder applied over zinc plating & chromate sealer will withstand over 100 cycles. Powder is formulated to maintain its color just as the metal panels it is used with maintain their color. It does not chalk & has a UV (ultraviolet) inhibitor that prevents fade. Powder coverage is uniformly applied to the fastener head & washer, & its hard shell finish prevents cracking or scratching. The standard colors included mimic the high volume metal panel colors available today. All powder is analyzed at the ST Fastening Systems’s Technical Lab for proper matching to those metal panels.


Taken head to head, powder coating is superior to wet paint in every way. Powder coating outperforms wet paint in resistance to corrosion, chemicals, heat, impact, abrasion, UV rays and extreme weather conditions. Wet paint fades, while the unique formula of a Powderful™ coating will continue to match the metal panel for decades.


Powderful™ is environmentally friendly. The wet paint process releases 1000’s of lbs. of harmful volatile organic compounds into the environment daily, but the powder coating process releases no VOCs or solvents to evaporate into the atmosphere. Powder leaves no footprint on the environment as all the air born powder is filtered and then sent back to the workplace.

ST Advantage

Powderful™ is an innovative process that adds decades to a structure’s aesthetic appearance, helping retain its value over the long run. Powderful™ coating continues to match metal panels long after wet painted fasteners have faded. Buildings with wet painted fasteners diminish in value over time as their appearance degrades, but structures with UV resistant Powderful™ fasteners retain their appearance and show the importance and value of quality.

Corrosion Resistance of Powder Versus Other Paint/Coatings


2.5 Mils Nominal
0.4 Mil Zinc Plating and Chromate Sealer
100+ Cycles.

Polyurethane Enamel Paint

1 Mil Nominal Thickness
0.8 Mil Mechanical Zinc
25-30 Cycles

Zinc Plating

1.2 Mil. Nom.
14-16 Cycles

Bare Steel

1 Cycles

100 cycles of KESTERNICH corrosion chamber testing was conducted at the ST Fastening Systems laboratory with no signs of red rust.


  • 2.5 mil of computer controlled powder coat is applied over zinc plating and chromate sealer.
  • Unique polyester powder formulation resists harmful UV rays and chemical breakdown.
  • Automated process ensures a consistent color match from batch to batch.
  • POWDERFUL is completely free of volatile organic compounds (VOC), and is entirely recyclable.
  • There are 35 standard colors that match high volume metal panel paint colors.


  • Exceptional corrosion resistance.
  • Excellent color matching to industry standard colors. Colors are formulated at the powder manufacturer to specified industry color standards. Colors are again analyzed at ST Fastening Systems using spectral color analyzer to assure exact matching to the specified standard color as another step in ST Fastening Systems’ Quality Assurance procedure. This assures reproducibility of
    colors from one manufacturing lot to another.
  • Superior weathering characteristics.
  • Powder is formulated to provide the color retention, chalk resistance, and fade resistance expected of the finished building panels.
  • Excellent film hardness. ST Fastening Systems’
    powder coated fasteners resist scratches and damage during shipping better than conventionally applied wet paints. The overall toughness and heavier coating thickness of the powder finish provides excellent resistance to the abuses of normal installation.

35 standard colors are available & contained in the POWDERFUL™ color chart

Consistent, Effortless Installation No Point Walking

MB point is excellent for penetrating multiple thicknesses of steel often found on ridge cap or trim applications.


Point strength provides consistent drilling not found in traditional sharp point screws. Slow drill or no drill screws are eliminated.
MB point does not create a “pigtail” metal shaving, which can embed itself in the EPDM washer, creating a potential leak.

ST Advantage

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Total in-place cost is reduced due to no dropped screws due to dull points.


  • Drill point design consistently penetrates metal panels, which eliminates the need to “punch” the metal panels with a sharp point to start the drilling process.
  • MB point is excellent for penetrating multiple thicknesses of steel often found on ridge cap or trim applications.

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