Construction Lag Screws

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No Strip Star Drive

Star Drive System allows for higher torque transmission, faster tool engagement with increased strength and reliability while eliminating stripping and cam out resulting in lower In-Place costs.

Reinforced Neck

Truss head with reinforced neck withstands more torque as the fastener countersinks into the wood providing extra strength.

Aggressive Thread Design

The patented cross-cut threads significantly reduce chances for splitting wood. Reduces torque for faster installation.

Self Drilling Cut Point

No Pre-drilling! Serrated T-17 point saws through the wood for faster penetration. The crosscut thread design works with this wood biting point to prevent wood splitting by grinding wood and removing fibers from the hole.

Exterior Screws

Size Quantity/Weight
1/8 Keg/ 12.5 LB1/4 Keg / 25 LBCorg. 1/4 Keg / 25 LB
1/4 x 1 1/2"7501500
1/4 x 2"5001000
5/16 x 2 1/2"300600
5/16 x 3"250500
5/16 x 3 1/2"250500
5/16 x 4"200400
5/16 x 5"150300
5/16 x 6"150300
5/16 x 8"125250
3/18 x 8"125250
 Major DiameterMinor DiameterPoint TypeUlt. Tensile StrengthMin. Torsional StrengthTorional Thread Failure StrengthNom. Shear Strength
5/16".305"/.315".193"/.198".232"/.215"4920 LBS.140 IN-LBS.250 IN-LBS.3588 LBS.3780 LBS.
  Ceramic Coated Steel
DesignationPressure Treaded Yellow Pine
Embedded Depth1"1 1/2"3-3/4"
Installation Torque355575
5/16"982 avg.2193 avg.3350 avg.

Multi-Layer Bronze Ceramic Coating

An exclusive finish provides rust and corrision protection outdoors. Formulated to withstand destructive environmental hazards such as acid rain, salt water, sunlight and pollutants. Brillant bronze color blends perfectly with all woods. This exclusive coating process provides triple protection from corrosion.

screw cross section

Exceeds 1000 hour salt spray test under ASTM B117

Formulated to withstand destructive environmental hazards such as acid rain, salt water, sunlight and pollutants. 

Environment Applications

Wood to Wood Applications

  • Decks
  • Post Frame Construction
  • Railings
  • Fencings
  • Wood to Wood Projects


Post Frame Construction

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