ST Architectural Series


      • Designed for through fastener metal roofs.
      • Material is 16 gauge 304 Stainless Steel.
      • SNOW TRAX™ are packaged 50 pieces per box.
      • No additional sealant is required, which saves cost & maintains a finished appearance.
      • SNOW TRAX™ can be added to fastener orders to save freight costs.
      • Powder coat paint is standard on all SNOW TRAX™ in 28 colors as well as unpainted.
      • SNOW TRAX™ design is best suited for exposed fastener metal to wood roof applications.
      • EPDM rubber gasket provides maximum sealing capability when installed with Kwikseal MB Woodbinder® screws.
      • Powder coat colors will be consistent from job to job with no color drift.


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